Groundbreaking technology advancing science.

Rapidly build and deploy Automation Protocols on your automated systems.

AutoPilot is a revolutionary technology that allows end user scientists to operate sophisticated automation systems in the absence of programming knowledge.

Using Telos’ proprietary Artificial Intelligence systems, AutoPilot interfaces with automation platforms such that lab scientists with little to no training can operate complex liquid handlers and integrated systems to perform their scientific procedures.

Scientists simply enter procedural information, much as they would in a lab notebook, into AutoPilot’s visually and logistically intuitive interface and click “Run”.

The Artificial Intelligence of AutoPilot then interprets the input and autonomously controls the available robotics to perform the desired science. Scientists are typically amazed by the speed and ease at which they can move from experimental inception to actual science in progress.

By flipping existing orthodoxies, AutoPilot reintroduces sophisticated laboratory automation as a simple tool available to assist in the lab.

User Friendly Interface
Automation Protocols can be created from any PC using AutoPilot’s LabNotebook, a simple intuitive interface designed to gather the necessary protocol information in a user friendly and scientifically familiar format

Dynamic Set-up
When executing Automation Protocols on your system, AutoPilot will dynamically determine resource requirements and provide you with simple runtime instructions for preparing consumables on your system for your particular automation run.

Re-introduce Lab Automation as a simple tool in the lab

  • Allows for assay development directly on the automated system which greatly streamlines time to production.
  • Increase productivity by providing system accessibility to a large audience of scientists for a wide range of applications.
  • Improves results by avoiding programmer error and disconnect with scientist.